Natural Stone/Tile

The natural stone and/or tile you have purchased for your home or business is an investment. Natural  Stone is a “living” product that has inherit  characteristics which will need to be maintained to keep it looking beautiful. Here are some recommendations for routine care and cleaning:

  • Use protective materials (especially for those containing high acidity or alcohol)
    • Coasters
    • Cutting BoardsTrivets/mats
  • Only use cleaning products for natural stone/tile
    • Dupont cleaner/sealer (sold in our showroom)
    • Others brands sold at local retailers

Daily Use

  • Wipe spills immediately
  • Clean regularly to remove surface debris especially after food prep

Tile Care

  • Use only cleaner specifically for natural tile

Engineered Quartz

  • One of the many benefits of using engineered quartz is there is little to no maintenance.